Aaron Ti

Computing Projects, Exploitations and more!

A programming enthusiast that does reverse engineering on the side.

CTFSGCTF 2022 Writeups

CTFSGCTF 2022 Authored Reverse-Engineering Writeups

PVD Steganography

Pixel Value Differencing based Steganography (Using LSB)

Obfuscation Detection

Automatically detect obfuscated code and other state machines

Image Encryption

5 image encryption methods based on chaotic maps

Linux Reflective Loading

Embedding obfuscated & complete ELF binaries within ELF binaries, thereby deobfuscated and reflective loaded on runtime

TISC20 Writeup

TISC20 Writeups for Stages 1-3

Process Hollowing

Injection of code into suspended and hollowed processes in order to evade process-based defenses

CDDC20 Writeups WG5 - WG4

CDDC20 Writeups WG5 - WG4. Consists of blood, sweat and tears from overguessing