Aaron Ti

Computing Projects, Exploitations and more!

A programming enthusiast that does reverse engineering on the side.


Updated since 06 SEPTEMBER 2023





  • Learn Python, C, C#, C++, Nim, Rust, Golang, Assembly, Docker, Web Frameworks, Unity, etc.
  • Serving in Singapore Armed Forces as part of the Cyber Defence Group
  • Assisted Helloholo in VR and AR software research and development
  • Experimented with and created multi-platform binary exploits and malwares
  • Expanded on computer renderings with realistic 3D models and textures, including animations and motion tracking
  • Participating in several CTF competitions with 2 CTF teams, (CTFSG and ducks0ci3ty)
  • Studied SLAE, starting on OSCP in the future

2018 - 2019

  • Learn Javascript and Java
  • Did shaders in Processing, p5.js and THREE.js
  • Started on computer renderings with abstract 3D models
  • Previous Portfolio Site